Episode 1: Sword of the Wilderness (Part One)

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Inward Empire is a podcast about American history, and in these first two episodes, we’re exploring a crucial period of the colonial past: the story of English/Indian relations in New England, from 1620 to 1676.

Part One begins in the early 1600s, at a time of upheaval and apocalyptic fears in England. In the midst of economic disaster, poverty, crime, and ever-worsening religious and political repression, a fundamentalist movement called Puritanism dreams of spiritual and national regeneration. A splinter group of Separatists transplants itself to the shores and forests of New England. They believe they have a God-given mission to redeem themselves, and mankind; they believe the cost of failure will be annihilation.

But  New England is not, as the Puritans would like to believe, a tabula rasa or a virgin land. It is already inhabited by tens of thousands of Indians, with their own ways of work, war and worship. Their world, too, is a place of upheaval and uncertainty, ravaged by disease and profoundly changed by the presence of Europeans. The survivors must answer two questions: how will they survive in this rapidly changing world? and will they seek to accomodate the English – or fight them?

Inward Empire theme by Stephen Spencer.

new england map



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