Episode 1: Sword of the Wilderness (Part One)

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Inward Empire is a podcast about American history, and in these first two episodes, we’re exploring a crucial period of the colonial past: the story of English/Indian relations in New England, from 1620 to 1676.

Part One begins in the early 1600s, at a time of upheaval and apocalyptic fears in England. In the midst of economic disaster, poverty, crime, and ever-worsening religious and political repression, a fundamentalist movement called Puritanism dreams of spiritual and national regeneration. A splinter group of Separatists transplants itself to the shores and forests of New England. They believe they have a God-given mission to redeem themselves, and mankind; they believe the cost of failure will be annihilation.

But  New England is not, as the Puritans would like to believe, a tabula rasa or a virgin land. It is already inhabited by tens of thousands of Indians, with their own ways of work, war and worship. Their world, too, is a place of upheaval and uncertainty, ravaged by disease and profoundly changed by the presence of Europeans. The survivors must answer two questions: how will they survive in this rapidly changing world? and will they seek to accomodate the English – or fight them?

Part Two will deal primarily with King Philip’s War (1675-76), one of the deadliest conflicts in American history. I’m aiming to complete and release it by April 2015, but because of the length and complexity of the episodes (and due to life’s various distractions) this is a rough estimate at best. In the meantime — listen, and enjoy.

new england map



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