1,000 Downloads and an Update on the Next Episode

Inward Empire passed the 1,000 download mark today! A huge thank you to everyone who’s listened, recommended the show to friends, and left glowing reviews on itunes. Knowing there’s an actual audience out there does more than anything else to motivate me to work harder and keep producing content.

Episode 3 will take on a brand new topic. Working title is The Unending Civil War of Ambrose Bierce. Bierce was a Union veteran and the author of the most visceral and unsettling fiction to come out of the most violent conflict in American history. A man out of step with his own time, he insisted on bringing Americans face-to-face with the harsh realities not just of war, but politics, religion, marriage, family, business, and corruption. Hated by many, loved by virtually no one, Bierce hacked and slashed his way through a popular culture drenched in sentimentality and patriotism. In the process he became the first great American antiwar writer. We still view the Civil War through a haze of distant glory and heroism, obscuring its grit and squalor – and for us, no less than his 19th-century audience, “Bitter Bierce” provides the perfect antidote.

ETA for this episode is early or mid-August early September.

Bierce army photo


One thought on “1,000 Downloads and an Update on the Next Episode

  1. I only found your podcast recently following a recommendation on the History Podcasters Facebook page – and I am really enjoying it. The detail is impressive, and your delivery is excellent.


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