“The past is another country; they do things differently there.”

Inward Empire is a podcast about ideas and ideology in American history. Accessible and thoroughly researched, each episode is a window into a world that is both profoundly foreign and strikingly similar to our own.

Here, you can find supplemental materials, including maps, photographs, paintings, videos, links to related articles and books, and a bibliography for each episode, as well as updates on past and upcoming shows.

Inward Empire is available for free via the iTunes store, StitcherPodomatic, or your favorite podcast app. If you like what you hear, please consider leaving a review and sharing Inward Empire with your friends!

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Inward Empire theme by Stephen Spencer.

Questions, comments, or feedback about the podcast? Email inwardempirepodcast@gmail.com.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Greetings, Comrade!

    I’m Curonian from The Eastern Border podcast and a fan of your show. I would like you to record a small intro for your show, which I could air in one of my future episodes to maybe help you get a bit more popular. Not that you’re not already, and not that I could, but I believe in mutual cooperation, and this seems to be a nice way of doing this. So, please visit http://theeasternborder.lv/ give us a listen, and if you’d like to do an intro and a small ad for your show, feel free to mail us to ihatebalrog at gmail.com


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  5. I heard about your show thru the Eastern Borders episode you did. The Ambrose Bierce episode was the first I listened to. All I can say is that show was fantastic! Your analysis of his civil war works is the most convincing I have heard! I’m throughly hooked to this pod cast. Thank you for the good work!


  6. Just finished your two part podcast over the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. I learned a lot but I wish you would add a part three to speak in more detail of Charlie Siringo.


    • I know, coming full circle and talking about his book “Two Evil Isms” would have been a great conclusion. I worried about going too far beyond Homestead, which was the climax of the episode, and I was also worried about the episode dragging on too long. There’s so much good material relating to the Pinkertons that it’s hard to know what to keep and what to cut. I might do a blog post to help fill in the parts of Siringo’s story I left out.


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